Advertising at your fingertips!

  • Does it take weeks to receive the ads for the company?
  • Do you have daily promotions that you want to show in your locations?
  • Do you want a direct interaction with your customers through advertising?
  • Do you want to display real-time news and information?
  • Do you need custom ads content for each location?
  • Do you want to manage your own advertising information remotely?


Our solution: Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is the new communication technology that is based on network protocol and allows a quick and widespread distribution of contents to big LCD and LED screens and to touch screen, multimedia totems and kiosks (conceived to supply advanced electronic services).

Digital Signage, substitutes traditional paper signs with network of displays, dynamic and interactive ADV, digital posters and boards, digital signage players, dooh totems, digital advertising, video merchandising. – all in real time

Apps Digital Signage

Available Apps found in XSIGN Platform


A turn key offer for your company

XSIGN provides both Hardware Support for deploying a Digital Signage Network through remotely-controlled professional screens, as well as a powerful Software Platform for managing and distributing content to each screen of each registered customer.

GPS Filter

filter: screen GPS location

content for each screen

target audience identification

Time Filter

time slots, boradcast time

notifications (meetings, deadlines, events)

offers / products / services available for time slots


real-time messages (public or internal interest)

priority based notification schedule

last minute promotions


Digital Signage for any market


To display special offers, direct customers to areas of interest (digital map of the store) or promote brands

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs

Digital menu for each location, Social Media, sports or promotions. Creating and distributing real-time changes to program, events, or announcements

Medical clinics

Entertainment for waiting patients, promoting partners or health care providers. Show health advice, diets or health related news


Broadcast and update daily offers, promoted packages, their conditions, and the latest seasonal discounts.

Fitness centers

Promoting packages or events. Equipment details, personal coaches or group training. Nutrition advice, current training programs.


Displaying interest rates, products or services advertising, latest updates for the subsidiary, news and indicators on the banking markets

Airports, train or bus stations

To always keep travelers up-to-date about departure and arrival times, as well as the advertising of various shops, restaurants or cafes

Casino and Entertainment

Display promotions, events, contests or partners (hotels, rent-a-car). Creating a pleasant customer experience, and maintaining a stimulating atmosphere

Fairs and Events

Event agenda, registration features, real time notifications about any changes to the program. Description of speakers, partners, live Social Media

Real Estate

Latest news from agencies portfolio, regionally split advertisement, manage target audience or property type. Real-time display of just-sold, bids (new deal)


How can you have your Digital Signage solution?


In just four steps, your content is ready to be displayed on your digital screens. We identify together the specifics and goals: number of screens, number of locations, content types – all according to your activity and desired results.

Client registration

Create your unique user account in the XSIGN platform. List of Locations, List of Screens, GPS Filtering, Content Programming depending on the Time of the Day / Week, Last-Minute Deals, Announcements… All these settings are at your disposal, quick and easy to set up

Content design

Once your account parameters have been registered, you can create and edit the content to be displayed: images, videos, news, Social Media. Choose the colors and fonts that represent your brand. Create your own design or inspire yourself from the XSIGN template gallery available

Content broadcast

Thanks to the integrated content editing application, using predefined templates, you can publish digital information directly onto your screens. With just one click, you can choose to share the same content to all of your screens, or you can create different setups for each one.


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